Sculpture is the most difficult aspect of art. People like to see two-dimensional works of art in colour and line. Colours and lines hold a special attraction whether we understand them or not. Sculpture is the three-dimensional harmonious expression of art without colour. The scope of sculpture has its limitations but has the power to compel our attraction with time. We are habituated to three-dimensional things, but our medium of expression is two-dimensional. Form has an overall or all round impact in its totality. The correct perspective of viewing  a piece of sculpture is to walk around it and observe the intrinsic relation between the subject and light and shade. The centre of gravity, weight, mass, volume, inside and outside space of sculpture are of sublime importance. I feel that the appreciative viewers should see an easier form of my sculpture. This the initial approach  to my art. Let my work be appreciated through the heart and not through the head. Added to this will be feelings. This will be integrally related to some concrete material. Sculpture is the expression of the artist’s feelings through a solid medium. It is a play of light and shade with the help of concave, convex and hollow – giving expression to heartfelt emotions in concrete form.

A Sculptor’s Words on Sculpture

Along with this there should be a clear concept and perspective of space. I try to maintain an individual value with simple form. I feel that the human figure is a more interesting subject than other things. I am guided by the structural differences of human figures and intensity of expression in my work.  I am often inspired by the different shapes of trees, stones, water mark and spots and marks on walls. Every aspect of nature calls to me to give it form and expression. I do not have to search for subjects – the whole of nature is my subject. It seems that everything yearns for an expression in my hands. Sculpture is the revelation of growth and form. It is easy enough to give a three-dimensional effect with a hollow. I prefer sculpture which shows purity. Only a hollow can help light and air to pass through a piece of sculpture. Only then shall sculpture find its fulfillment. There is darkness in a hollow. At the same time a small flame of light in a hollow will illumine the space, dispelling the darkness. Solid objects speak to me. I feel its vibration through my eyes and my inward eye. The essence of sculpture is the monumental grandeur inherent in a small in a small object. This essence forms the stamp of my identity and individuality as an artist. It does not express my arrogance. I search for myself in concrete objects. I wait eagerly  for them to reveal themselves and find harmonious expression in my hands. The pulsation of life goes on day and night. I wish to feel a small part of it in the core of my heart. I long to capture this throbbing of life through my art for everybody to witness and experience. Only then will my existence be fruitful. Abstraction creeps in automatically as I create. It is not forced or premeditated. Feeling and realization are  abstract. Whatever is spontaneous is the eternal truth, indestructible.

© Niranjan Pradhan